South American Woods Collection


A small tree seldom growing larger than 12 inches in diameter. Heartwood is a yellowish brown accented with black lines. Freshly cut Bocote has a green tinge and is oily to the touch.


A medium sized tree growing up to two feet in diameter and 90 feet tall. Heartwood varies from a bright orange to a deep red with attractive varied stripes of yellow, black, and orange. Darkens on exposure. A fine texture and excellent color makes Cocobolo one of the most popular exotic woods.


The color is a dull brown when freshly cut, but this wood quickly turns purple upon exposure to sunlight.


A very beautiful timber with extremely nice figure. The colors are a cross between Piquia Amerello and English Yew with a wild curly grain. Found in Brazil, this wood polishes exceptionally well.

Goncalvo Alves

A large tree that can grow 150 feet tall and 50 inches in diameter. Heartwood is reddish-brown with dark brown streaks. With medium texture and interlocked grain this wood finishes quite well.

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