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A small tree that rarely measures more than 10 inches in diameter. Heartwood is pink-yellow with pronounced grain of pink to dark red. This wood is both eye catching and intriguing.

Macassar Ebony

This tree grows to heights of 70 feet. Heartwood is dark brown to black, streaked throughout with darker and paler bands, stripes, and splotches. Sawing can be difficult due to the darkness of the wood. Takes finishing easily and maintains a high luster.


This tree rarely grows larger than 10 inches in diameter. Beautiful heartwood is of various colors with a violet-brown background. Streaks of yellow violet, and black provide a very distinctive appearance.

Brazilian Rosewood

A tall tree that reaches as high as 130 feet and 40 inches in diameter. This species grows in coastal regions. Heartwood varies from chocolate brown to violet brown with violet and black streaks. Older trees tend to dull saw blades.


A small tree attaining a height of 45 feet. The trunk diameter rarely reaches above 14 inches. Heartwood is dark brown with predominant black lines which give an almost black appearance. Sapwood is a pale yellow, giving a pleasant contrast. The grain may be straight or irregular with an extremely fine texture. Dries slowly. The wood is used extensively for woodwind instruments, giving one of the best tones. Capable of an excellent finish.

Nigerian Ebony

A rather small tree that reaches heights no taller than 60 feet and no larger than 2 feet in diameter. The heartwood is jet black, very hard, and very dense. Commonly used for carving and turning. Polishes to a high luster finish.

Burmese Rosewood

A medium sized tree that usually grows no larger than 20 inches in diameter. Heartwood is light red or reddish brown with distinctly darker grain lines, and in some trees the heartwood is also yellowish with darker grain lines. The color does darken with exposure to sunlight and the wood produces a high and lasting polish.

Rapala Lacewood

A medium sized tree with a height of 45-60 feet and a diameter of 18-28 inches. Heartwood is a deep orange-brown with a broad ray creating a flamed pattern. The sapwood is a paler brown color. Interlocked grain with a coarse uneven texture.


A long lived tree with a short bole often with numerous holes and cavities and gnarled. The tree grows about 45 feet tall with a diameter of about 12 inches. Heartwood is light brown to dark brown with irregular streaks of gray, brown and black which gives the wood a marble-like appearance. Irregular to interlocked grain. Avoid leaving in contact with steel since Olivewood is very corrosive.


Heartwood is yellow or orange, typically streaked with "rainbow-hued" colors, often mixed with shades of red or brown. Sapwood is yellow.

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