North American Wood Collection

Birdseye Maple

A medium to moderately large tree growing up to 90 feet high. The heartwood and sapwood are usually not distinguishable. The term Birdseye is derived from the small eye-like markings on the wood. The grain is both fine and hard.


Stable wood with a variety of light to dark colored heartwood. Straight and hard grain.


Heartwood ranges in color from golden-brown to yellowish green. The tree grows near streams mostly in southern Oregon. Varieties range from light to dark in color in this hard wood that occasionally contains splotches of dark brown.

English Walnut

Relatively tall trees that are tawny colored with variegated streaks of black or dark brown. Highly figured wood that is exceptionally stable with medium strength.


Carob is close-grained. The deep reddish color with light and dark streaks that tend to deepen over time make this a highly sought after wood. Carob is a decorative tree found in California.


The heartwood is bright and light orange with a white sapwood. It is dense and heavy with a very fine grain.

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