My Custom Pen Story

by Mariam

Things have changed and the click of the mouse is probably as powerful as the power of the pen used to be. However, in days gone by, the pen held great importance.

A gift of a pen meant several things. First of all, it was considered a highly impressive gift, intellectual, sophisticated and thoughtful.

Another great thing about pen gifts is that everyone can buy them because the price range is so diverse. I mean you can get a pen for 50 cents and you can get one for $50,000 too!!! The expensive ones are custom made and the finest details are kept in mind.

Before the popularity of computers, internet and chatting, people used to rely on letters for correspondence. These letters held great importance for those who received them.

My parent's love letters still sit comfortable in my study desk drawer and go with me wherever I go. They have their own story to tell and are more precious and dear to me than any other piece of paper.

Since I have starting writing articles in newspapers, I have come to realize the power and strength of the pen. It's mightier than a sword!!!

That is why it is said that a journalist must keep be responsible and sensitive to others and his society because his words can change destinies, transform governments and give birth to revolutions!

My granddad gave me beautiful, slim, gold pen on my 16th birthday. He had my name engraved on the side and for me that was the best gift ever. He probably gave me such an expensive present because he could see the writer in me!

It holds a special place in my heart, and even more so now because he is no longer with us. I wish he was here to see what an accomplished and seasoned writer his granddaughter has become!

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