American Flag Information

The upper barrel is constructed from blue-dyed curly stabilized box elder and the lower barrel is crafted from red-dyed curly stabilized box elder. The stars and stripes are laser cut from natural curly maple veneer.

There are fifty stars and thirteen stripes on the entire pen, just like an American flag. Therefore, this fountain pen uniquely symbolizes "patriotism" through a stunning representation of the American Flag.

The fountain pen features a top quality German-made medium two-tone nib with iridium point for smooth, effortless writing. The "fast action" thread found on the Statesman pen guarantees silky smooth operation and requires only 1 1/2 turns to attach or remove the pen cap. The pen will accept standard ink cartridges as well as ink reservoirs. They are available at most office supply stores.

The classic design and balance of the Statesman Pen makes this pen a favorite among those who prefer larger, heftier desk pens. The Titanium model features gold accents on the center band and pen cap.

Rhodium Statesman American Flag Fountain Pen

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