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Bubinga is a very distinctive wood from West Africa and is quite representative of wood from that part of the wood. Heartwood is reddish-brown after darkening from exposure. Some pieces display fine, evenly spaced lines of a darker hue.


Kiatt grows mainly in Savannah forests throughout Tanzania, Zambia, Mozambique, Zimbabwe and South Africa. It resembles Padauk, but lacks the reddish color, being brown with irregular reddish streaks.


A large tree reaching diameters as large as 45 inches. Heights of 130 feet are not uncommon. Heartwood varies from yellow to brick red, but most commonly seen in a dark red-orange.


Also called Zebrano, this tree can reach in excess of 150 feet. Diameters commonly measure between 5 and 7 feet. Heartwood is light golden-yellow with streaks and veining of dark chocolate brown. Coarse texture and interlocked grain. High luster finish on this hard wood make it extremely decorative.


A small tree with an average height of 30 feet with a fluted and often hallow trunk. Heartwood is rich brown with distinctive dark brown to almost black veins. The wood is oily to touch, with a pale to bright yellow sapwood. The grain is straight to slightly irregular, with a fine even texture.

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